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kineticphoenix wrote in lalalandspa
Laura Malouf-Renning CMT recently completed a 32 hour advanced certification training in maternity massage therapy. The course was held in El Cerrito, CA on March 14-17, 2011. The training included: safety guidelines and precautions, comprehensive hands-on training, and both written and practical exams. Techniques learned help to enhance pregnant, laboring and postpartum women's comfort, health, and enjoyment of their pregnancies.

The workshop, Pre- & Perinatal Massage Therapy, is presented by Body Therapy Associates of San Diego, CA, under the direction of Carole Osborne, a nationally recognized authority in the field. The course offers the highest level of education in maternity massage available in the United States.

Ms. Malouf-Renning has been in practice since 2000, working in a variety of settings including corporate massage, gyms, private practice, and the yoga and spa industries. She draws from backgrounds in dance, yoga and Eastern and Western bodywork styles to create dynamic sessions custom-tailored to each client's unique needs, facilitating the mind-body-spirit connection and promoting greater ease of movement and overall wellbeing. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 510-381-2801 or e-mail

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The workshop Pre- & Perinatal Massage Therapy is presented by Body Therapy Associates of San Diego C

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